Current Projects


I'll be posting more info and code for these eventually. Until then, here's a brief summary of the projects I'm working on.

python-sai - SDG Agent Infrastructure

I developed this project for work, and we decided to release it because we didn't really see anything else out there that did what we wanted. It's an agent you can drop onto a machine that will download jobs and input from a server, run those jobs, and then submit the results back to the server. We're currently using it to download network device configs on our clients' internal networks (since we can't easily get in from the outside in all cases).

nfcp - Netflix Copy

This is just a little script to move ratings and queues between Netflix accounts. This is currently on hold; I have to wait for Netflix to add some functionality to their API.

PWDB - Secure Multi-User Password Database

This is a project I've been working on for a long time. I actually created parts of it as my masters project.

PyREM - A REST client for Python.

I got fed up with the REST client choices for Python, so I wrote this one for use with the PWDB.